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About me

Shayne Drury

I am a passionate people person with an international background. I was born in Zimbabwe, where I lived until I was twelve before emigrating to Spain with my parents and sister. I studied, lived and worked in Spain and England before moving to Germany in 2007 where I now live. I have spent my adult life studying and working with language and people across different cultures and am fascinated by the way our personal language directly affects our lives at every level. Having lived in four very different countries and cultures, I have seen the importance of communication and language learning and know how important it is for successful integration in any country. I use all my training in communication, NLP, coaching, social studies, years of teaching business English as well as my vast people experience to inspire and challenge individual thought processes towards more effective outcomes.

why lucky bean?

Why the name lucky bean? As a child growing up in Zimbabwe I used to collect “lucky beans” which are small red and black seeds. The “lucky bean” tree (Erythrina lysistemon) is an important part of the eco-system in that it provides food and shelter for a wide range of birds, animals and insects. The bark is used for making canoes and rafts and it is also considered to have medicinal and magical properties. The flowering of the trees is a sign for people to plant their crops and the lucky beans themselves are collected and used in decorative lucky charms and jewellery. I like to think that the lucky bean though small and humble, will bring joy and magic to everyone who comes into contact with it!

my blog

I like to give my students and clients tips and things to think about. Mostly bite size texts and often something longer to mull over and think about. Hope you enjoy reading!

9th July 2020

Can you hear me?

Online presentations, zoom coffee times, wine times, dinner times… our communication took on a whole different meaning and life of its own in the corona lockdown […]
13th November 2018

What do you mean?

I mentioned in the blog on adjectives about the importance of thinking about good use of adjectives in sentences before using them. Here I want to highlight […]
11th November 2018


Adjectives Adjectives tell us more about the noun we are using, very useful words indeed! Sometimes we use words without thinking about what we really mean.  We […]
5th May 2018


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