Comma or no comma?
4th April 2018
11th November 2018



I often hear the word “feedback” being used as a singular noun in expressions such as: “Please give me a feedback on the report” or “Can we have a feedback next Monday?”.
Feedback is an uncountable noun which means we need to use it with the word some. For example: “I would value some feedback on the meeting we held last week”. If we want to use the indefinite article “a”, then use it like this: “There will be a feedback session later on this week”.  Here the article is connected with the word session and not the word feedback.  

Now we have done a little bit of grammar, think about how you personally like to receive feedback from your colleagues or boss.  Thinking about how we like to receive feedback on something we have done helps us be more sensitive in the way we give feedback to others.  
This is an important part of communication and we will look at this in more detail in future blog entries!



  1. Shayne Drury ist, als native English speaker und internationale Persönlichkeit, eine authentische und kompetente Kommunikations- und Sprachexpertin mit hohem Einfühlungsvermögen und charismatischer Ausstrahlung. Absolut empfehlenswert – im privaten oder beruflichen Umfeld.

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