5th May 2018
What do you mean?
13th November 2018



Adjectives tell us more about the noun we are using, very useful words indeed! Sometimes we use words without thinking about what we really mean.  We might choose words such as: nice, good or bad.

For example:  A nice person.  A good restaurant.  A bad day at the office.

Look at these short sentences again and ask yourself what you understand by the word nice or good.  These words can mean different things to different people.  We perhaps differ on what we determine “a good restaurant” to be.  I am firstly interested in quality food and great service which would be what I mean by “good”, someone else might be mainly interested in the design and the other guests in the restaurant!

“A bad day at the office” could mean anything from an argument with a colleague to losing a big contract.  “A nice person” can mean just about anything depending on your definition of nice!

So when constructing your sentences, think about just how appropriate the adjective you are about to use really is!

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